Engineering Services


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We offer both software and hardware engineering for a variety of projects. From a simple printed circuit board to a complex robotic system, we can take a concept and turn it into a working prototype.

Here are  some of our areas of expertise:

– Prototype and conceptual modeling with Computer-aided drafting software (CAD)

– Printed circuit board design (digital, analog and mixed-signals)

– Instrumentation and signal conditioning

– Embedded systems design and firmware programming

– PC or embedded programming in different languages (Windows CE, Windows .NET, C, C++, Visual Basic among others)

– Touch screens (integration of commercial HMI or design your own touch screen controller in volume applications)

– Servo motors (AC, BLDC, DC, Stepper) for automated systems and positioning

– Integration services with other automated systems or products

– Machine Vision and Machine Inspection (stand alone cameras or PC implementation)

– 2D codes and barcode generation and decoders (PC based or stand alone modules)

– Automation with small-articulated robotic arms or SCARA robots

– Data acquisition systems

– Prototyping and turnkey services.

– Consulting services.