HTF96 front blur 640x480

HTF Plate Dispenser

HTF96 with software

The HTF-96 is a high throughput Plate Dispenser System used to fill microplates.

A variety of reagents can be accurately and repetitively dispensed.

From 10uL to several mL can be dispensed extremely fast!


The plate dispenser uses a friendly touch screen controller, which allows the user to create and save protocols. Multiple process variables are shown on screen for system operation.

A variety of accessories like plate stackers, barcode readers, microplate printers and analytical balances can be used with the dispenser in high throughput applications.

Just fill the reservoir tubes with the desired reagent and start filling thousands of microplates!

BIOMIC V3: Many of our customers use the BIOMIC V3 96-Well Microtiter Plate Reader from Giles Scientific Inc. [Learn More]

Argenta and Touch Screen

Argenta 96/384

Argenta and Touch Screen

ARGENTA 96/384, is a fully automated, affordable and easy-to-use liquid handler.

Save time and remove human error with consistent and reproducible pipetting and sample preparation!

Excellent precision, speed and performance in an ultra compact footprint.

From simple plate fillings to complex protocols, ARGENTA is a budget-friendly solution for your lab!


Engineering Services


TT ProPipette







We offer both software and hardware engineering for a variety of projects. From a simple printed circuit board to a complex robotic system, we can take a concept and turn it into a working prototype.

Here are  some of our areas of expertise:

– Prototype and conceptual modeling with Computer-aided drafting software (CAD)

– Printed circuit board design (digital, analog and mixed-signals)

– Instrumentation and signal conditioning

– Embedded systems design and firmware programming

– PC or embedded programming in different languages (Windows CE, Windows .NET, C, C++, Visual Basic among others)

– Touch screens (integration of commercial HMI or design your own touch screen controller in volume applications)

– Servo motors (AC, BLDC, DC, Stepper) for automated systems and positioning

– Integration services with other automated systems or products

– Machine Vision and Machine Inspection (stand alone cameras or PC implementation)

– 2D codes and barcode generation and decoders (PC based or stand alone modules)

– Automation with small-articulated robotic arms or SCARA robots

– Data acquisition systems

– Prototyping and turnkey services.

– Consulting services.

touch screen small

Touch Screen Controllers

touch screen small

– Integration and Programming of Commercial HMI and Windows CE touch screens with PLCs or embedded systems.

– Custom Design of touch screen controllers for OEM applications.

– Multiple digital I/O , analog I/O channels and communication ports (USB, RS232, RS485 and CAN)

– Large selection of touch screens from 3.5” to 17”.Choose from widescreen, high speed, high resolution, full size or compact models to meet your automation and control needs.

– Complete Robotic System Solution when integrated with the interconnection board and stepper or servomotor controllers.

Servomotor small

Servo Motor Controller

Servomotor small

– Fully Configurable Current, Voltage, Velocity and Position Limits.

– PID + FF Position and Velocity

– Space Vector Modulation .

– ASCII protocol over RS485 and RS232

– Open loop or close loop operation with incremental encoder.

– Multiple digital I/O and analog I/O channels.

– Multi-axis interpolation operation.

– Multiple axis coordinated motion.

– Completely software configurable.

stepper driver small

Stepper Motor Controller

stepper driver small

– Full, half and micro-stepping modes.

– Simple ASCII communication protocol over RS485.

– Open loop or close loop operation with incremental encoder.

– Multiple digital I/O and analog I/O channels.

– Parallel, synchronic and linear interpolation operation.

– Multiple axis coordinated motion.

– Completely software configurable.

– Customizable firmware and communication protocol (special order)